Ilapak Weightronic WA14-50 multihead weigher



Ilapak Weightronic WA14-50 multihead weigher

An ultra-hygienic multi-head combination weigher that is suitable for a full wash-down environments, available with small, medium and large volume hoppers for high speed applications with lowest give away. Outstanding accuracy, reliability and flexibility for many food weighing solutions with free flowing and non-free flowing products.

Main Features

  • High flexibility;
  • Quick release parts;
  • User-friendly HMI;
  • High speed-combination software;
  • Precision design components;
  • High accuracy technology;
  • Wash down execution;
Machinetype: Ilapak Weightronic WA 14-50 Wet
Year: 2006
Heads: 14
Volume: 5.0 litre
Product Contact Parts: Stainless steel AISI 304
Power Supply: 230V / 50 Hz / 1.5 kW
Compressed air: 7 bar
HMI: 12” colour touch screen
Weighing speed: Up to 120 wpm depending on product characteristics, target weight, tolerance and feeding conditions
Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 1.549×1.588×2.150mm
Machine weight: Approx. 750 kg.