2007 Holac Sect 28 CT slicer


Holac Sect 28 CT slicer

The Sect 28 CT is the high performance product in the holac portion cutter range. With its high output and perfect cutting quality, it guarantees outstanding performance. Thanks to the integrated computer controls, the cutting speed and cutting thickness are infinitely adjustable. When it comes to sanitation, the Sect 28 CT is quick to disassemble and reassemble in just a few steps. The Sect 28 CT is developed for high performance portion cutting.

Year: 2007
Power supply: 400V, 50Hz
Power: 5kW
Capacity: 300 litres
Height: 160 cm
Width: 120 cm
Length: 250 cm
Weight: 950 kg
Main material: Stainless Steel
Loading length: 300-1.000 mm
Cut-off length: 2-33 mm
Cuts per minute: 350/400
Permissible ambient temperature: -16 – +30 degrees