2008 Marel Platino 400 Flattener



Marel Platino 400 Flattener

The Marel Platino 400 is used to smash steaks and poultry chops. Ideal for the production of ready meals.

Flattener uses unique flattener technology for meat and poultry products. Suitable for boneless products, pork and beef.

Marel Platino uses two drums that knead meat instead of flattening the pressure, Platino does not damage meat while retaining water in the product. After processing the product with the help of Marela Platino, the product does not return to its original shape.

The device has high performance and is very easy to use and easy to clean.

Manufacturer: Marel
Model: Platino 400
Year: 2008
Electric Power: 400V / 5kW / 50Hz
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.250×1.045×1.450 mm
Machine Weight: 450 kg.