2018 Yamato weighing and Rovema packaging line



Yamato weighing and Rovema packaging line

Yamato weighing line in combination with Rovema vertical bagger.

This complete weighing and packaging line is built in 2018 and is almost in new condition.

This line consist of the following machinery:

  1. Yamato ADW-O-0316M Multihead weigher at Stainless Steel platform;
  2. Rovema BVR 230 vertical bagger;
  3. Promis  OC320 elevator belt;
  4. Yamato CSI22LMW-OOC checkweigher;
  5. Promis RT1200 rotating table;

1. Yamato ADW-O-0316M Multihead weigher

The OMEGA series multihead weighers represent state-of-the-art weighing technology and combine all the functions currently available in the field of weighing and packaging. The technological advantage of the OMEGA multihead weighers gets right to the heart of your application and meets all customer requirements.

Technical details.

Brand: Yamato
Type: ADW-O-0316M
Year: 2018
Number of weighing heads: 16-Memory
Dosing range (g): 8-1.000 (single dosing)
Capacity (weighings/min): 220
Capacity Multipoint discharge (weighings/min): 2x 110
Capacity of weight buckets (ml): 3.000 (single dosing)
Power supply: 220-240V / 50Hz
Material: Stainless steel

2. Rovema BVR 230 vertical bagger

Rovema, the manufacturer of packaging machines, offers the new continuous vertical form-, fill- and seal machine BVR 230 – a compact packaging system for snack products. This is the successful improvement of the principle of the pair of rotating sealing tools – which has been used by Rovema for many years. The sophisticated and proven machine technology offers an attractive concept for the snack industry with convincing price-performance ratio.

The highlights.

  • High output and effectiveness;
  • Excellent bag seam quality through stripper/stager function;
  • Compact design;
  • Intuitive, easy to understand operation, user guidance with graphical support in national language;
  • Simple format change;


  • Gas dosing;
  • Mettler Toledo Safeline continuous metal detection system with LCD display;
  • Markem-Imaje SmartDate X60 thermal transfer printer;
  • Touch control panel;
  • Control cabinet;

Technical details.

Brand: Rovema
Type: BVR 230
Year: 2018
Bag width (mm): 60-230
Bag length (mm): 100-330*
Capacity (bags/min): Up to 180
Rated power (kW): 4,3
Power supply: 400V / 50Hz
Material: Stainless steel

* Can be extended, depending on the plinth eight.

3. Promis  OC320 elevator belt

Technical details.

Brand: Promis
Type: OC320
Year: 2018
Dimensions length / widt / height (mm): 1.700/600/1.000
Material: Stainless steel

4. Yamato CSI22LMW-OOC checkweigher

The machines meet the highest quality and hygiene standards in the industry. With a protection class of IP67 and IP69, the I-Series checkweighers can be used for all kinds of wet applications. The machines can easily be integrated into any packaging process and fit your individual requirements.


  • Adjustable legs height;
  • Stainless steel housing;
  • Waterproof model;
  • CE3000 control panel;
  • 12.1 “Color touch screen;
  • USB-port;

Technical details.

Brand: Yamato
Year: 2018
Weighing range (g): 20-2.200
Accurancy (g): +/- 0.1
Max. product dimensions (mm): 440×240
Capacity: Max. 480 weighings/min.
Overall dimensions length / widt / height (mm): 1.500/700/1.580


5. Promis RT1200 rotating table

Technical details.

Brand: Promis
Type: RT1200
Year: 2018
Material: Stainless steel
Power supply: 0.37kW / 1.400rpm / 220-380V
Overall dimensions (mm): 1.200×800