2020 Hiwell cut-28 2020


Hiwell cut-28 2020

Brand new 2020 model Hiwell portioning machine, contact us for a demo.

For years Hiwell has been developing a portion-cutter with the Cut-28II as a result. Very accurate fixed weight or fixed size portion cutting with the accuracy and consistency of it’s European rivals.

This machine is capable of portioning meat, fish and poultry up to a thickness of 50mm and 240mm wide. With a portioning accuracy range higher than >98%, capable of making 1000 cuts per minute.

Comes with a strong modular belt that will last long.
Controlled by SIEMENS electrical parts, with CE approved safety protection.
HACCP standard easy operation, low maintenance cost.

General information

Model                                CUT28-IV
Belt width                         254mm
Belt speed                         5~20m/min
Weight error                      ≤2%
Cutting speed                    1000 cuts/min
Max. product height          50mm
Max. product length          650mm
Max. product width           240mm
Input/Output height          1050±50mm
Power                                 7.55kW
Overall dimension             2512×1200×1680mm

Have a look at a quick test in our warehouse.