Innotech 3800 Revo-S



Innotech 3800 Revo-S

These are Revo 3800-S VFFS machines capable of packing up to 80 bags per minute.
Thanks to impulse sealing and a continuous packing-flow this machine reaches very high packing numbers in very little time. Delivered with 1 tool for 30cm wide pouches, different sizes are possible with the purchase of a new mould. Bag width can vary between 80-350mm. Length of the bag can reach up to 550mm.

With a large touch screen this machine can be set-up very easily, capable of storing hundreds of pre-programmed programs for each individual product.

These particular Revo’s are equipped with several options like;

  • Powered film unwinder
  • Side folding unit to make a fold for a ‘self’ supporting pouch.
  • Label sensor to make accurate bags for pre-printed film. This to ensure every pouch is exactly the same.
  • Impulse sealing
  • Automatic film-unwinding adjustments. This system makes sure the film is guided correctly through the machine, when it’s a little off-centre the Innotech will automatically adjust this to the centre again.

Both lines are completed with a Lock met 30+ and Lock Insight metaldetector specifically designed to perform with a Vertical bagging machine. Bringing the pouches back-up to working height.
For more information specifically for the metal detector, click here.

The line is completed by a Lazy susan rotating table, more information here.