JMW Z22 718 waterpump



JMW Z22 718 waterpump

Wide range of applications
Z22 pumps are at work in many demanding
operations. They are trusted for pulp and paper production, in water and sewage works,
district heating systems, power plants and
other crucial applications.

High reliability
The Z22-pumps are extremely reliable.
Many units have been in operation for several decades with only routine maintenance
of bearings and shaft seals. Of course, operating environments vary so each pump faces
different conditions, but the basic designs
of the Z22 has proved itself day in and day
out for years. The sturdy shaft/bearing
construction ensures smooth running with
very low vibrations.

High efficiency
Many of these pumps have a peak efficiency
of over 90%. Each pump is tested to ISO 9906,
Grade 2, or other agreed standard. Thanks
to the replaceable wear rings, this high efficiency can be maintained through a pump’s
life. The Z22 series comprises of 25 sizes
with different impeller design available. This
flexibility ensures that energy consumption
is minimised throughout a pump’s complete
operating range.

Robust pump design
Sturdy shaft/bearing construction ensures
smooth running with very low vibrations.

The perfect fan pumps
Fan pumps for paper machines require
special impellers and features designed to
meet stringent performance requirements.
Certain sizes of the Z22 are perfectly suited
for this application.

Material pumphousing: SS 329 (for specifications see pictures)
Material pump impeller: SS D-205 (for specifications see pictures)
Diameter inlet: 750 mm
Diameter outlet: 750 mm