Marel Compact Grader CG 60 M2200-A01 with infeed belt



Marel Compact Grader CG 60 M2200-A01

Never used Marel Compact Grader. One of the most popular graders used in the food-processing industry. Compact in size, perfect for small production facilities.

The Compact Grader will handle many poultry products, fresh or frozen: whole grillers, front halves, saddles, butterflies, split breasts, whole legs, thighs, drums, whole wings, breast fillets, leg meat and thigh fillets.
Featuring a wide belt and high throughput, it can grade product of up to 3 kilos [6.6 lbs] weight.

General information;

  • Throughput: 120 pieces per minute
  • Product weight: 40/3000 gram
  • Max. product length: 400mm
  • Max. product width: 250mm
  • Year: 2012 (never used)