Multivac R275mf skin-pack thermoformer



Multivac R275mf skin-pack thermoformer

The Multivac R275 MF thermoforming packaging machine enables the production of MultiFresh™ vacuum skin packaging in large batches. It offers a great degree of variability with regard to MultiFresh applications. The packs are easy to open by means of an opening aid.

High-end machine in stunning condition with many options installed

  • The machine has two large Multivac (MVP600 powered by Busch) pumps installed for very fast packing cycles. Depending on set-up this machine ran ±10 cycles per minute. Combined with this 6 tray mould this machine reached ±60 trays per minute.
  • Optional Jumbo film unwind for less often film changes and keep production going.
  • Fully automatic Multivac MR6318 labelling system with ZodiacHS thermal printing head.

Available from stock, delivered with many extra’s like;

  • Many spare parts
  • Trolley to swap moulds
  • Several pallets of top film
  • Pallets with Jumbo rolls bottom film.
  • 1 new spare dome (mould)
  • 1 new forming plate

In the case of MultiFresh vacuum skin packing, a special skin film is used, which envelops the product without tension like a second skin, and which seals allover to the lower web. The upper web passes through a heating station to activate the film proper- ties, and it is then pre-stretched in the sealing die.