Nowicki Vacuum Tumbler MA-200 PS



Nowicki Vacuum Tumbler MA─200PS

The MA-200 PS horizontal vacuum tumbler is used to marinate products as efficiently as possible. By opening a product under vacuum, it can more efficiently absorb moisture, marinade, or brine.

The tumbler can be equipped with a cooling system to regulate the temperature accurately.

Full control over your production process

Each butcher and producer has its own unique recipes and working methods, so it is important that there is as much control as possible over all aspects of the production process. Think for example of the previously mentioned temperature, the vacuum level, and the number of revolutions per minute.

The unique design of the Nowicki vacuum tumblers makes them easy to use. Loading and unloading are made as easy as possible by the possibility to use a standard tumbler tipper when loading and automatically emptying the tumbler.


Brand: Metalbud Nowicki
Drum: capacity 200 Liter
Mixing speed: 0-14 RPM
Power: 1,6 kW
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 1700x1180x1540 mm
Weight: 370 kg
Year: 2016