Ruhle SR1 dicer




The Ruhle SR1 meat, cheese and vegetable dicer combines productivity of up to 1500kg/h and care for high hygiene standards. It perfectly slices raw, frozen and cooked products, characterized by greater fragility. It combines the characteristics of a meat slice and an diced machine, producing perfect slices and cubes from a variety of foods including sausages, cold cuts and fish.

Innovative knife shape

The basis of the dicer SR1 products is an extremely sharp knife. It has a sickle shape, thanks to which its surface is relatively small in relation to the cutting edge, which allows to reduce the contact of the product with the surface of the knife to a minimum, thereby reducing the risk of jagged or other damage to slices of cut meat, cheese or vegetables. The knife is made of high-strength stainless steel, which allows safe and efficient slicing of bones and frozen products.

Interchangeable cutting grille system

When using the machine as a slicers for diced meat, vegetable cubers or other products requiring this form of slicing, attention is drawn to the possibility of very quick replacement of the cutting grille, and thus – to resize the cubes. This process takes about 10 seconds and is extremely safe – no need to remove or otherwise contact with the cutting knife.
Each cutting grille consists of three parts, the joining of which allows you to quickly modify the size of the cubes – thanks to these combinations you can get as many as thirteen different sizes with a single grille.

Excellent product stabilization

The intelligent pressure system, knife geometry, cutting grilles and chamber of the machine make it cut with millimetre accuracy, while ensuring excellent repeatability and smooth cutting surfaces, even when the sliced products are hard, very dry and brittle or soft. The machine is also equipped with a pressure system, ensuring the formation and holding of the product before cutting.
Thanks to the large chamber, it is possible to cut larger products without pre-cutting, which greatly improves the speed of the whole process. The product is purely mechanical, so that the productivity of the device is always just as high, even when it is hot.
The precision of operation and attention to detail at the design and construction stage make the Ruhle SR1 ideal for both hard and very delicate processing. Thanks to this, it is ideal as a bacon slicer or cheese cuber, which is a product that is particularly vulnerable to damage during cutting.

Hygiene and ease of cleaning

The Ruhle SR1 is built to accurately isolate the product path from the drive parts. This eliminates the risk of any contamination. Also cleaning the machine is very convenient and possible to carry out even in 3 minutes. In turn, the complex construction of the grilles also allows for quick and easy removal of residues after cutting.

TYPE cube
POWER SUPPLY 400 V 50/60 Hz 3-phase AC/N/PE
POWER 2.1 kW
EFFICIENCY 900-1500 kg/h, 80 cuts per minute
WEIGHT 270 kg
DIMENSIONS 103 x 70 x 110 cm