2007 Ulma TF Optima thermoformer



Ulma TF Optima thermoformer

The TF-OPTIMA is a Thermoforming Machine for Food, Non-Food, and Medical Products. Capable of both Flexible and Rigid Packaging.
This machine has vacuum and gas flushing systems to create (MAP) Modified Atmosphere Packages.

The machine is constructed of stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials for easy maintenance, and sanitation.
The machine’s solid construction makes it, the most suitable solution for applications that require larger product dimensions, in relation to, film advance, film width, and package depth.

Construction Features
• Modular Construction.
• Stainless Steel Frame (AISI 304).
• Electrical Protection: IP-65.
• Programmable Logic Control SIEMENS.
• Safety standard according to “EC” regulations.
• Modular machine with a 5.400 basic structure. Can be enlarged depending on the project.
• Easy access to internal components of the machine, with removable lateral covers.
• Optional additional dies available for the machine.

Control System
TF-OPTIMA is easy to operate; it has a 300º Rotating Control Panel with a Touch Screen Displaying:
• Language Selection.
• Operating Mode Selection.
• Operating Time and Temperature Information.
• Film Advance Selection and Control.
• Cycle Counter.
• Error Messages.
• Memorizes Data for up to 50 Configurations.

Easy to operate and maintain
• High performance.
• Fast & easy format change.
• Programmable acceleration and decceleration of machine advance.
• Low maintenance.
• Cleaning program.

Versatile high performance machine. This machine is designed to meet all packaging requirements with specific features to accommodate customer requirements.

Brand: Ulma
Type: TF Optima
Year: 2007
Dimensions machine (LxWxH): 9.200×1.100×2.000 mm
Weight: 1.500 kg.
Film: Flexible and rigid film
Cut-off length: 320 mm
Lower web width: Under 424/ upper 420 mm
Speed: 6 cycles/min
Compressed air connection: 6-10 bar
Vacuum pump: Busch 160m3/h
Operating air pressure: 6 bar
Connected load: 22 kW
Operating voltage: 400 volts
Operating frequency: 50 Hz
Nominal current: 42 A