2003 Carnitech Twin lane Pinbone remover



Carnitech Twin lane Pinbone remover

This machine is designed for removing pin-bones ensure a high product quality and helps to achieve a maximum yield at shorter time. Head end first and skin side down, the salmon fillets are conveyed to the pin-bone head on a pvc belt. Carnitech pin-bone removers treat the fillets very gently. A ruler attached to the pin-bone head fixes the fillet to the conveyor as the pin-bones are removed and thus a minimum of meat is wasted. The pinbone removers are specifically designed to match the meat structure as well as the size and shape of each individual fillet. Consequently the end product is high quality.

  • Capacity: up to 18 fillets/min per lane
  • The total capacity is up to 36 fillets per minute.
  • Size range: fillets from 0.5 kg to 3-4 kg
  • Staff: one person
  • Electricity: 3x400V + N + PE, 50 HZ fuse 16A
  • Water consumption: 12 litres/min
  • Weight: approx. 150 kg

The machine made of stainless steel. It is easy for cleaning and operation.