2018 Baader 588 Filleting Machine


Baader 588 Filleting Machine

The BAADER 588 is a unique and user-friendly filleting machine for small and medium-sized whitefish – fresh or defrosted. The consistent running of fish through the machine guarantees a higher throughput. Centralized mechanical adjustments of cutting parameters allows for different species and precise cutting.

The BAADER 588 produces fillets of outstanding quality – even from soft fish.

It has been specifically designed to allow for easy and efficient cleaning and servicing. The BAADER 588 significantly reduces subsequent trim work downstream.

B’Logic® is our dedicated software solution for performance monitoring and yield control.


For fresh or defrosted raw material
Continuous and stable operation
Simple to use
Precise cutting tools minimize ‘giveaway’
Technical Data
Working range (approx.)
Cod: 400–2,500 g / 35–70 cm
Haddock: 400–2,300 g / 35–65 cm
Saithe: 400–2,000 g / 35–62 cm
Hake: 160–800 g / 20–47 cm
Alaska Pollack (h+g): 150–450 g
Up to 35 fish/min.
Up to 40 fish/min. (Alaska pollack)


Simple operation and maintenance
Rapid changeover for to different species
Easy to access, maintain and clean
Best fillet quality
Active cutting tools
Smooth surface as a result of reduced fillet stress during processing
No gaping
No blood spotting
No black belly skin
White membrane on
Suitable for a wide range of species
Fresh or defrosted raw material
Small machine footprint
Direct fillet transfer to BAADER 59 Skinner possible for consistent product flow
Hygienic, open and flexible design
Open design for easy access and supervision
Open design allows for easy cleaning
Quick and easy to remove conveyor belt system