2014 Marel MS2730 Salmon Filleting Machine with Back-Trim



Marel MS2730 Salmon Filleting Machine with Back-Trim

This Marel 2730 salmon filleting machine is one of the best and reliable salmon filleting machines on the market. This model has been very well maintained and is ready for production. With the touch-display various settings can be adjusted to your and your customers demands. This makes it very easy and safe to work with and get the best yield out of your salmon.

The MS 2730 can process up to 25 fish/min.
With outstanding throughput, extra yield and high fillet quality, this machine is one of the most advanced filleting machines on the market today.

The unit’s user-friendly multilingual touch screen makes operation extremely easy, providing maximum safety for the operator and reducing downtime arising from mechanical issues. Programs can be stored and used for specific fish sizes, or the machine can perform at a high level by using the automatic size adjustment feature.

Increased yield with an extra cut made from anal vent to tail
Automatically adjusts to fit fish from 1,5-8 kg
Easy & safe operation via user-friendly touch screen
Programmes can be stored

This Marel MS 2730 salmon filleting machine is equipped with an automatic Back-trimming tool. This trimming tool automatically adjust to the size of each fish, minimizing the need for manual trimming after filleting.