2009 Multivac T250 semi-automatic traysealer



Multivac T250 semi-automatic traysealer

Excellent working condition Multivac T250 Traysealer. Very easy to install and set-up through the control panel that can store many pre-programmed set-ups for all kinds of products.
Compared to the Multivac T200 this machine has an automatic drawer that can be operated fully automatic or by the push of one button.

This machine is equipped with the following options;

  • Water cooler, This is ideal for a closed water circuit for the cooling of the Multivac
  • Gardner Denver VC 150m3/h vacuumpump is build in. No need for external vacuum systems. Because of this big pump vacuum cycles will finish fast for a high output.
  • Comes with many (wear/ tare) spare parts.
  • 5 tools;
  • Manuals;

The machine will be shipped with 5 tools:

  1. Traysize 183×107 mm (variable depth);
  2. Traysize 139×36 mm (variable depth);
  3. Traysize 230×60 mm (variable depth);
  4. Traysize 182×60 mm (variable depth);
  5. Traysize 170×44 mm (variable depth);
Brand: Multivac
Model: T250
Year: 2009
Vacuumpump: Gardner Denver VC 150m3/h
Capacity: 2-3 cycles/min
Power: 50Hz / 400V / 6kW / 28A
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.332x781x1.629 mm
Machine Weight: 420 kg.

Have a look at the video below for a quick overview.