2010 Ilpra Foodpack 400 VG Semi-Automatic Traysealer



Ilpra Foodpack 400 VG Traysealer

FoodPack Basic from 2010 is a semi-automatic and small size traysealer, characterized by extreme ease of use and ideal for companies and activities with space problems or for those who decide to start a new production with a low investment. The FoodPack Basic model allows you to work in sealing only, vacuum packaging and in modified atmosphere packaging.

A compact and easy to use traysealer. Quick mould change and automatic film unwinder.
Built entirely in stainless steel, it offers an area of sealing up to 400 X 285 mm.
Sanitization is simple and immediate. Ideal for small realities that need a packaging machine with minimum dimensions and reduced consumption.

Shipped with the following tool:

  • Tool 1: traysize 312 x 260 mm (2 pallets with trays available);


Machine dimensions: 1.032 x 875 x 627 mm
Machine weight: approx.  130 kg. 
Installed Power: 2 kW
Air consumption (bar – lt/cycle): 6 – approx. 5
Area of sealing: 400 x 285 x 135 mm
Dim. Containers: 312 x 260 mm