2011 Intervac INV 11/11 vacuum packing machine



Intervac INV 11/11 vacuum packing machine

The InterVac two-chamber vacuum packer is a packaging machine made entirely of stainless steel. The two chambers provide greater efficiency and are used in any industry where vacuum packaging of products is required. The machine is equipped with a high-performance Busch vacuum pump with a capacity of 100m3/ h and four welding strips with a length of 600mm, the machine has a gassing option.

Type: Intervac INV 11/11
Year: 2011
Number of Chambers: 2
Material: Stainless Steel
Welding Length: 4x 600 mm
Output capacity of pump: 100m3/h
Internal Dimensions of Chamber (LxWxH): 2x 720x770x190 mm
Power: 400V / 50Hz / 2,5kW
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.540x930x1.250 mm
Machine Weight: 390 kg.