2006 Waldyssa B-232 stretch wrapping machine



Waldyssa B-232 stretch wrapping machine

The tray is automatically fed into the machine where the film will be wrapped around the tray/ product.
Once ready the tray will progress to a heated conveyor belt where the film will shrink around the tray.
This giving a nicely packed product.

The machine has an option for using gas.

Model: Waldyssa B 232
Year: 2006
Capacity: Up to max. 55 trays/min.
Product dimensions : Min. 135×60 / Max. 265×60 mm
Film widt min.: 450 mm
Film widt max.: 730 mm
Power: 400V / 50Hz / 20A
Machine weight: 770 kg.
Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 320x120x170 cm.
Dimensions infeedbelt (LxWxH): 205x55x83 cm.