Elixa XS Plus automatic wrapper – stretch film machine



Automac Elixa XS plus

Excellent working condition Elixa XS shrink-film packaging machine.
One of the most popular compact shrink film packaging machines in the industry.

The tray is automatically fed into the machine where the film will be wrapped around the tray/ product.
Once ready the tray will progress to a heated conveyor belt where the film will shrink around the tray.
This giving a nicely packed product.

  • Up to 18 packages a minute;
  • 30 Seconds to change the reel;
  • Min tray format (LxWxH mm) 120x100x10;
  • Max tray format (LxWxH mm) 350x230x130;
  • 280 Strech film. One width film reel of 280mm;
  • Weight 170 kg;
  • Machine dimensions (LxWxH mm) 1.290×990×1.245

This Elixa Plus XS has a weighing scale with labelprinter.

Have a look at the video below for a quick impression.