2011 Multivac R105 thermoformer



Multivac R105 thermoformer

The R105 thermoforming packaging machine is a needs-based pre-configured model. It is distinguished by its minimal space requirement and attractive price/performance ratio.

This R105 is suitable for only sealing, Vacuum-packaging and (Modified atmosphere packaging) MAP-packaging.

The machine will be shipped with 4 tools:

  • Tool 1 (1×1): traysize 381×300 (max. forming depth 95mm);
  • Tool 2 (2×1):  traysize 381×150 (max. forming depth 95mm)
  • Tool 3 (2×1):  traysize 190,5×300 (max. forming depth 95mm);
  • Tool 4 (2×2):  traysize 190,5×150 (max. forming depth 95mm);
Manufacturer: Multivac
Model: R105
Year: 2011
Production hours: 5.565
Power Supply: 400/230V / 50 Hz
Power: 6,5 kW
Machine dimensions (LxWxH):  3.720×792×1.720mm
Film width: Top: 420mm / Bottom: 420mm
Max. film thickness: 400 µm
Max. forming depth: 95mm
Max. product height: 95mm
Max. cut off length: 300mm
Vacuum Pump: Busch 100m3/h
Weight: 1.000 kg.