2015 K+G Wetter AW D 114 Meat Grinder



K+G Wetter AW D 114 Meat Grinder

The automatic grinder work completely autonomously – it couldn’t be easier. The feeder and meat worm combine to perform real teamwork for perfect processing. The special twin-worm principle of K+G Wetter ensures that the filling flow towards the cutting set remains constant and does not break off. At the same time, the different pitches of the worms ensure optimum product flow with the best cutting result and guarantee only a slight temperature increase
of the material.

Manufacturer: K+G Wetter
Model: AW D 114
Year: 2015
Fresh Meat Processing Capacity: Up to 50 kg/min.
Hopper Capacity: 110 l / 70 kg.
Operating Voltage: 400V/ 50Hz
Rated Connected Load: 9kW
Rated Current: 20A
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 1.200x850x1.300 mm
Machine Weight: 570 kg.