Complete Salmon Filleting, Trimming & PinBoning Line



Complete Salmon Filleting, Trimming & PinBoning Line

This is a complete line for filleting, trimming and pinboning salmon. Ideal line for starting with salmonproduction or for automatisation your existing salmonprocessing line.

The line consist of the following equipment:

  1. Marel MS 2730 salmon filleting machine from 2012;
  2. Trimming Table;
  3. Carnitech CT2612 Twin Lane Pinbone remover from 2007;

1.  Marel MS 2730 salmon filleting machine

This Marel 2730 salmon filleting machine is one of the best and reliable salmon filleting machines on the market. This model has been very well maintained and is ready for production. With the touch-display various settings can be adjusted to your and your customers demands. This makes it very easy and safe to work with and get the best yield out of your salmon.

The MS 2730 can process up to 25 fish/min.
With outstanding throughput, extra yield and high fillet quality, this machine is one of the most advanced filleting machines on the market today.

The unit’s user-friendly multilingual touch screen makes operation extremely easy, providing maximum safety for the operator and reducing downtime arising from mechanical issues. Programs can be stored and used for specific fish sizes, or the machine can perform at a high level by using the automatic size adjustment feature.

High throughput
Increased yield with an extra cut made from anal vent to tail
Automatically adjusts to fit fish from 1,5-8 kg
Easy & safe operation via user-friendly touch screen
Programmes can be stored

Capacity: Up to 25 fish/minute*
Fish size: 1,5-8 kg**
Power consumption: 5.5 kW
Water consumption: 15 liters/min
Electricity: 3 x 400V + N + PE / 3 x 220V + PE
Air supply: Integrated compressor
Dimensions L x W x H:   3150 x 1035 x 1980 mm
* With average fish size 4 kg and length 670 mm
** With standard fish sizes

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2. Trimming Table

This Trimming Table is completely executed in stainless steel 304 and is constructed for 4 operators. The wide of the belt is 63 cm and the length is 312 cm.  The heights of the foot platforms are adjustable for the length of each operator. The Trimming Table can be connected with the Carnitech CT2612 Twin Lane Pinbone remover for adjusting the speed of the belt.

3. Carnitech CT2612 Twin Lane Pinbone remover

This machine is designed for removing pin-bones ensure a high product quality and helps to achieve a maximum yield at shorter time. Head end first and skin side down, the salmon fillets are conveyed to the pin-bone head on a pvc belt. Carnitech pin-bone removers treat the fillets very gently. A ruler attached to the pin-bone head fixes the fillet to the conveyor as the pin-bones are removed and thus a minimum of meat is wasted. The pinbone removers are specifically designed to match the meat structure as well as the size and shape of each individual fillet. Consequently the end product is high quality.

Capacity: up to 18 fillets/min per lane

The total capacity is up to 36 fillets per minute.

Size range: fillets from 0.5 kg to 3-4 kg

Staff: one person

Electricity: 3x400V + N + PE, 50 HZ fuse 16A

Water consumption: 24 litres/min

Weight: approx. 350 kg

The machine made of stainless steel. It is easy for cleaning and operation.

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