Hiwell Fresh slicer XQJ2-215-II



Hiwell Fresh slicer XQJ2-215-II

High efficiency , Optimum cutting ,Easy to clean design
Fresh slicer is available for fish and meat to slice with multi angle,fixed-weight and thickness.
Suitable for salmon, chicken breast,red meat ,bacon and other fresh or cooked meat.


1 By linear relative movement of two knives,creating shear effect and cut the coarse fiber;

2 Maximizing the production efficiency by sensors;

3 It enables easily adjusted of the cutting angle(8-90 degree) by touch screen,which can produce products such as D-cut slices and sushi slices;

4 The thickness is adjustable(2-100mm) by touch screen;

5 A stainless steel servo motor is used for the infeed and outfeed conveyors,which can control packaging effectively;

6 Electrical parts: Schneider

Pneumatically system: FESTO

Technical details:

Slice thickness 2-100mm
Product temperature ≥-4℃
Cutting angle 8-90°
Cutting speed 250pcs/min
Production-capacity 200-500kg/h
Belt width 2*208mm
Input height 1000±50mm
Output height 1000±50mm
Power 200W
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Machine weight 400 kg.
Overall dimenion 2475×1036×1740mm