Ilpra Food Pack Speedy II V/G L automatic-traysealer



Ilpra Food Pack Speedy II V/G L automatic-traysealer

FoodPack Speedy II is a fully automatic in-line traysealer.
Built in stainless steel and conforming to IP 65 protection standards, Speedy is a traysealer designed to minimize running costs. Reliability, easy cleaning and maintenance, easy programming and a wide range of customization options are just some of its strengths.

The Ilpra ProGas technology, standard on this model, guarantees a higher production speed and therefore greater productivity.

The Speedy 2  traysealer has the same functional and application features as the Speedy, but is equipped with a fully electromechanical handling system and offers a larger welding area in width and length.

E-Mec technology allows for higher speed and productivity and limits mechanical stress on components. It also reduces pneumatic consumption and limits noise emissions, to the benefit of those working on the machine.

This machine is equipped with a Busch RA 160m3/h vacuum pump.

This machine will be delivered with 1 mould.

  • Mould 1: traysize 308 x 240 x variable depth max 130mm

Main technical data

Machine Dimensions (mm)  3615 x 1175 x 1615h
Machine weight (Kg) 1200 (VG)
Installed Power (Kw) 8 (N) – 10.5 (VG)
Air consumption (bar – lt/cycle) – (N / VG) 6 – approx. 2
Pneumatic supply (bar) 38 Lt/cycle – 6 bars
Dim. Max. Containers (mm) (N / VG) 570×330
Max. depth of containers (mm) 130
Adjustable sealing time 0 -5

Have a look at the video below for a quick overview.