Henkovac TPS Compact XL semi-automatic traysealer



Henkovac TPS Compact XL semi-automatic traysealer

Superb condition Henkovac traysealer from the TPS range. This particular model is equipped with a Busch oxygen safe vacuum pump. Ideal for producers who want to gas-flush meat products.

By injecting the tray with Oxygen the meat will have a more natural color while also having the benefit of a much longer shelf life. This is not possible with a standard Busch pump.

This Henkovac can be compared to the Reepack traysealer that’s also in stock. Compact, reliable and very easy to operate.

Settings like the amount of vacuum/gas and sealing time can be adjusted with the buttons on the control panel. After the settings have been changed these can be assigned to a program number for easy access the next time.

More information can be found on the official Henkovac website.

A big benefit of this Henkovac compared to many of its rivals is the relatively cheap mould costs. In case of a different tray size they can easily be purchased through us for very competitive prices.

This machine will be delivered with 2 moulds.

  • Mould 1: traysize 187 x 137 x variable depth max 120mm
  • Mould 2: for round trays/cups traysize 200 x variable depth max 120mm

Have a look at the video below for a quick overview.