Lakidis FR100 Frozen Meat Cutter (new)



Lakidis FR100 Frozen Meat Cutter

FR100 model is a semi-automatic machine using a specially designed stainless steel rotor for cutting frozen blocks of meat into flakes. The feeding of the product is done through a special feeding slide through part, taking in advantage the product’s own weight. The FR100 frozen meat cutter can cut with two (2) speeds. A steady and robust machine entirely made of stainless steel; the FR100 model is electronically controlled and equipped with all necessary safety modules.


  • Reduces Processing Time
  • Increases Long Term Mixer Mincer Performance
  • Easy Removal & Replacement of Cutting Blades
  • Body & Mainframe Are Constructed from High Quality Stainless Steel
  • High Quality and Easy Cleaning


Brand: Lakidis
Model: FR100
Year: 2022
Motor: 5,5 Kw
Productivity: 1.000-1.500 Kg/h
Temperature of Meat: -15º C up to -18º C
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1.650x900x1.570mm
Machineweight: 495kg