Niro-Tech SM4000 Frozen Meat Cutter (New)



Niro-Tech SM4000 Frozen Meat Cutter

The Niro-Tech frozen block flaker is an industrial quality machine specifically designed to quickly break down frozen blocks of meat, and other product, into smaller chunks for further processing. Machine have a pneumatic system to push product into the cutting chamber, whilst four blades rapidly flake product into pieces. Machine have integrated safety features to protect operators and easy to use control panel. These include the machine’s stop when the top cover is raised and also when the 200lit bin used for collection of meat flakes is removed.

Brand: Nirotech
Model: SM4000
Year: New
Total Capacity: 4.000 kg/h
Speed of Cutting: 80-160 rpm (2 gears)
Installed Power: 9.3/11.5 kW
Supply Voltage: 3×400 V / 50Hz
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.515×1.100×1.300 mm
Machine Weight: 1.050 kg.