Marel I-Cut 11 Portion Cutter from 2016



Marel I-Cut 11 Portion Cutter from 2016

This I-Cut 11 from 2016 has been designed with new generation processing software with maximum programming flexibility and a variety of specialized cutting patterns to guarantee maximum return on investment.

The machine features a powerful computer and advanced laser vision system that ensure unmatched accuracy and minimal giveaway. The new generation touchscreen makes daily operation and programming easier than ever before.

With the compact design, the I-Cut 11 is easy to install in any small plant layouts and is easy to integrate with other Marel equipment.

  • New and powerful computer with proven servo motor technology for high-precision cutting and long lifetime.
  • New generation touchscreen. Easy-to-operate touchscreen makes daily operation easy.
  • New laser vision system with 200 Hz camera technology ensures extreme accuracy.
  • High-speed portioning in a 90° angle.
  • Remote service access through Ethernet for maximum uptime (optional).
  • Small footprint – the compact design fits into small plant layouts.
  • Ropanyl belts for easy sanitization.
  • Quick release belts. Easy release and removal of belts for cleaning – no tools required.
Max. product length:    800 mm (31.5 in)
Max. product width: 250 mm (9.8 in)
Max. product height: 100 mm (3.9 in)
Max. cutting speed: 480 cuts/min
Belt speed: 10–340 mm/sec (0.4-13.4 in/sec)
Machine length: 2.700 mm (106.3 in)
Machine width: 1.000 mm (39.3 in)
Machine height: 1.650 mm (65 in)