Multivac R 275 CD en Bilwinco production line



Multivac R275CD and Bilwinco production line.

This line is a fully automatic weighing (Bilwinco), filling (Conveyor belt and Groneweg) and packing (Multivac R275cd) line.
For a quick overview have a look at the video below.

Bilwinco Multihead weigher
The production starts with a Bilwinco 14 head stainless steel Multihead weigher. This 14-head weigher is de-signed for the wet/dry food industry. The BW114W will weigh portions of up to 1000g at a speed of up to 130 portions per minute. The special design of the weighing buckets ensures a considerable noise reduction during the weighing process.
Because of the conical design of the machine and the buckets this Bilwinco can handle products very gently.
This machine is equipped with a collection gate. This increases the speed of the machine and also prevents damaging of the products.

The control unit of the multihead weigher is supplied with an IP65 touch screen with Ethernet interface running on windows.
This Bilwinco has a camera installed to be able to constantly monitor the production on top of the machine and also give a signal to the feeding conveyor belt to give more product for constant production.

Groneweg filling machine
The filling of the fixed weight portions done by the Bilwinco are transported and filled to the Multivac by a very sophisticated  conveyor belt and Groneweg filling machine. The portions are 1 by 1 dropped by the conveyor belt, the groneweg can divide each portions into each separate tray of the multivac. Controlled by a central computer that arranges the whole line up to the Multivac. therefore no manual labour is required.

Multivac R275CD MAP/SKIN-pack
Multivac R275CD thermoformer capable of doing MAP (modified atmosphere packing) and SKIN-pack. Skin pack (or darfresh) is a film tightly secured around the product with a strong vacuum. For a very nice presentation of the product and longer shelflife benefits for numerous products.
The Multivac is equipped with 2 strong Busch pumps for the forming of the trays and for the vacuum necessary for the packing. Also equipped with 2 labellers for the top and the bottom of the tray. The top labeller has a printer for extra information like packing dates, barcodes etc.

General Benefits;

  • FULLY automatic weighing, filling and multivac packing line.
  • Complete for MAP (modified atmosphere packing with vacuum and gas) 2 moulds available for MAP
  • SKIN-packing with Multivac and Cryovac darfresh technology with mould available.
  • Build-in vacuum pumps by Busch.
  • Top labelling with printing head and bottom labelling device. (Multivac MR6388)
  • Only 359 production hours, machine is like new.