2009 Multivac T700 automatic-traysealer (SKIN)



Multivac T700 automatic-traysealer (SKIN)

Excellent high-speed traysealer from Multivac. This pre-owned T700 is in very good working condition and has only 429 productionhours.
This particular model is equipped with a tool for SKIN-packaging.

The automatic traysealers from MULTIVAC are suitable for industrial use – for packaging foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical products, and industrial and consumer goods. They seal trays made from various materials, such as plastic, aluminium, cardboard and foamed materials, as well as a large variety of cover films. These machines enable a fast and efficient pack output with gentle tray handling.

  • Tray size is 238 x 166 (D13);
  • Infeed conveyor belt;
  • Water-cooling unit;
  • Manuals;
Brand: Multivac
Model: T700 automatic-traysealer (SKIN)
Year: 2009
Productionhours: 429
Toolsize: (SKIN) 238x166mm (D13)
Power Supply: 400/230 Volt
Power: 4,2 kW
Max. output in cycles/min: 20
Total machinedimensions (LxWxH): 470x95x200 cm
Machine weight: 1.300 kg.