Norfo B35 portioning machine



Norfo B35 portioning machine

This Norfo B35 portioning machine cuts products in very accurate portions both weight or size.
Once you have set-up in the computer you want 50 gram portions, you place the product on the infeed conveyor belt.
The products is transported underneath the ‘Laser and Camera system’ so the computer can calculate where the knive has to make the cuts.
The product than moves to the knive where it’s being cut. Than the outfeed conveyor belt will take over to move away the product and make clearence for the next product. All this goes very fast so you can have a very high output with a Norfo B35.

We are very experienced installing these machines in the fish, poultry and meat processing industry.
Scotraco can cover transport, installation and set-up. Tell us your demands and we’ll program the computer so you can very easily operate this machine yourselves.

This machine has been checked over and can be installed by us for a guaranteed operational machine.

  • Conveyer speed: 20-400 mm/sec
  • Cutting speed: up to 600 cuts/min
  • Accuracy: 97-98%
  • Max. product size:  250 x 120 x 1000 mm