Poly Clip FCA3462 Automatic Clipper



Poly Clip FCA3462 Automatic Clipper

The POLY CLIP FCA3462 automatic clipping machine is designed for closing all types of casings (including protein casings) with a caliber of 40 – 115mm.

* automatic device for cooperation with all types of stuffing machines equipped with a portioning machine
* automatic loop feeder
* stuffing expander (clipping protein casings)
* automatic loop feeder
* electric strip that discharges bars
* electrical and mechanical connection with the stuffing machine
* movable, pneumatic brake
* string feeder ( clipping ring sausages)
* casing end sensor
* clipping speed: three speeds, maximum speed 90 tacts/min
* pneumatic supply 6 bar

The clipper is mechanically and electrically connected to a stuffer equipped with a portioning machine. At the beginning of the work cycle, a casing is put on the funnel of the clipper, and then the operator starts clipping the beginning of the casing. Then, after pressing the start button, the stuffer performs the set portion, after which automatic clipping takes place. Further work is carried out cyclically.

  • PRODUCER: Poly Clip
  • MODEL: FCA 3462
  • TYPE: Automatic clipper
  • POWER: 400V
  • HEIGHT: 190 cm
  • WIDTH: 150 cm
  • LENGTH: 150 cm
  • WEIGHT: 800 kg
  • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel