Reepack Automatic Packaging and Shrinking line



Reepack Automatic Packaging and Shrinking line

This line is a fully automatic packaging and shrinking line.
For a quick overview have a look at the video below. This line consist of the following equipment:

  1. Reepack BT 1000 DL Vacuum Chamber belt machine;
  2.  Reepack ST 80 Shrink Tunnel;
  3. Reepack DT 80 Drying Tunnel:

1. Reepack BT 1000 DL Vacuum Chamber belt machine

Vacuum Chamber belt machine suitable for packaging food-stuff in large batches into their bag.

An automatic loading conveyor belt permits to move the products in bag and entering in the vacuum chamber for processing.
A wide range of bags quality and thikness can be used and in case of shrinkable bags the machine can be fixed in line with an automatic shrinking tunnel and finally an automatic drying tunnel.

Technical Data

  • Vacuum chamber dimension: 1000 x 800 x H250 mm
  • Chamber useful height: 250 mm
  • Distance between sealing bars: 800 mm
  • Sealing bar lenght: 2 x 1000 mm
  • Bi-Active Sealing
  • Height belt conveyor: 950 mm
  • Power Supply: 3 / N / PE AC 400V 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption: Up to 4Kw
  • Air pressure: Ca. 31,5 Nl / cy
  • Machine weight: Ca. 930 Kg
  • Overall machine dimension: 3.020 x 1.300 x H1.960 mm
  • Control by PLC with 10 programs: Touch Screen

2. Reepack ST 80 Shrink Tunnel

The Reepack ST80 shrink tunnel is a fully automatic in-line waterfall tunnel.

A hot water cascade is used to shrink a suitable pouches material in continuous throughput enables cost-effective shrinking of large production volume.
The tunnel enables energy-saving operation due to the high quality insulation preventing heat loss.

Features as follow :

– Stainless steel construction
– Display with programs to record
– Electrical or steam heating
– Dry run security
– Conveyor speed adjustable
– Automatic water temperature control
– Pre-heating timer
– Photocell detection reducing shower process
– Operation without shower process , just conveyor motion

Technical Data

  • Maximum product height: 300 mm
  • Volume of water: 320 lt
  • Max adjustable temperature: 96° C
  • Height belt conveyor: 910 mm
  • Heating system: Electric
  • Power supply: 3 / N / PE AC 400V 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: Max 31 Kw
  • Overall machine dimension 1.700 x 1.500 x H1.930 mm
  • Machine weight: Ca. 460 Kg

3. Reepack DT 80 Drying Tunnel

Drying Tunnel to dry bags in vacuum suitable for a subsequently labelling.

Main features of DT80:

– Frame in stainless steel AISI304
– Fully stainless steel IP65 protection
– HMI controller display
– 2 upper air blades following product shape
– 1 bottom air blade in exit for dry finishing
– Automatic product loading and unloading

Technical Data
  • Conveyor width: 740 mm
  • Height belt conveyor: 910 mm
  • Power supply: 3/N/PE400V AC 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 9.6 Kw
  • Overall dimension: 1.607 x 1.490 x H1.780 mm
  • Max product height: 300 mm