Record Scorpion BS RS Small Horizontal Flow Pack Machine



Record Scorpion BS RS Small  Bottom Seal Horizontal Flow Pack Machine

Scorpion flow pack machine is easy and intuitive to use, and is ideal for packaging solid food and non-food products up to a speed of 120 packages per minute. Record’s careful selection of quality in mechanical and electronic materials used for building machine ensures steady production over time and an excellent end package result.

Technical Features

■ Compact Size, High Performance

■ High Technology for Medium Speed

■ Small and medium size product

■ Suitable for regular products

Brand: Record
Type: Scorpion BS RS Bottom Seal
Year: 2014
Machine speed: 20-120 ppm
Product dimensions (LxWxH): L: 70-500mm / W: 20-220mm / H: 10-130mm
Film width max: 630mm
Cut-off length min/max: 10-600mm
Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 4.050x800x1.875mm