Rietschle VWP 1500 Rotary Lobe Vacuum Pump



Rietschle VWP 1500 Rotary Lobe Vacuum Pump

Rotary lobe vacuum pumps R-VWP can be used in many applications that need coarse or fine vacuum. Two symmetrically shaped rotors rotate against each other, synchronized by a pair of gear wheels. The pumps are dry running, and consequently the compression chamber is free of grease or oil. Gearbox and bearings are oil lubricated. A bypass valve integrated in the housing enables the start of the pump together with the backing pump to avoid an overload of the motor at high differential pressures.

Technical details

  • Capacity: 1.580 m3/h
  • Pressure difference at the overflow valve: 43 mbar
  • Motor rating: 4,0 kW
  • Motor version: 230/400 V
  • Weight: 225 kg.