Stette / Promatec Food Ventures defrosting system



Stette / Promatec Food Ventures defrosting system

Water is filled into the tank to a level that fits the amount of product to be defrosted. The operator puts the blocks over the edge manually or uses our loading systems with conveyor or swing loader.

The software must be programmed, or the operator chooses one of the pre-programmed defrosting procedures. It is possible to pre-program up to 20 different programs for different amounts, types of fish and block size.

After finished defrosting the operator lifts the bottom up until the product flows over the top edge. The product will be handled very gentle and no damage will occur.

When the product is unloaded the system can be prepared for the next batch, or the cleaning procedure can be started. The defrosting fluid can be used later in the process for storing or for defrosting the next batch.

Technical specifications

Energy Consumption 0,05-0,07 kWh/kg of fish
Water Consumption App 1 litre / kg of fish
Frozen product Blocks and IQF
Defrosting time 30 minutes – 10 hours