Webomatic APS ML 3300 plus thermoformer



Webomatic APS ML 3300 plus thermoformer

The thermoforming packaging machine ML3300 plus is designed for  medium to high production requirements. Many customization options allow for individualized packaging and optimal packaging line integration.

The APS ML 3300plus combines all advantages of the proven APS ML 3300 model with many “plus” features: Due to the expanded loading area, two people can now work on each side of the machine which allows for more space during the loading and positioning of the products, even when a sandwich preheating system is used.

  • plus: more loading area
  • plus: more repeat length
  • plus: more space for coding and printing systems
  • plus: more clearance for a top labeling device
  • plus: more operating comfort with ergonomic swivel screen
Brand: Webomatic
Type: APS ML 3300 plus
Year: 2009
Dimensions machine (LxWxH): 5.552×1.074×1.826 mm
Weight: 1.000 kg.
Traysize: 227×178 mm (depth max. 130mm)
Film: Flexible and semi-rigid film
Cut-off length: 240 mm
Lower web width: 355 / 360 oder 420 mm + 1
Speed: 3 cycles/min
Film mandrel: 76 mm
Compressed air connection: 6-10 bar
Vacuum pump: Busch 160m3/h
Forming pump: Busch 21m3/h
Operating air pressure: 6 bar
Connected load: 17.5 kW
Operating voltage: 400 volts
Operating frequency: 50 Hz
Nominal current: 32 A