Multivac R145 thermoformer from 2009



Multivac R145 thermoformer

The R 145 is the freely configurable model within the sector of compact thermoforming packaging machines. Thanks to an extension of the equipment range, the R 145 enables high output and quick format change to be achieved, as well as making individual pack design possible – right up to the efficient production of shaped contour packs or portion packs.

Compact thermoforming packaging machines from MULTIVAC process flexible and rigid film with a thickness of up to 500 µm. They provide a maximum forming depth of up to 130 mm.

In terms of performance the R 145 has much to offer: its lifting systems are equipped with higher closing pressures and the sealing station was designed such that an even more precise temperature distribution over the whole sealing surface is assured. By these means pack seals with higher peel strengths are generated, which in turn ensures that maximum seal quality and pack integrity are assured. In addition the R 145 is very flexible when it comes to the use of different packaging materials. Both flexible and semi-rigid materials as well as aluminium laminates can be run on the machine. The R 145 can reach up to 15 cycles/min.

Only 793 working hours on clock.

5 Moulds:

  1. 2×1: Traysize 222×151 (variable depth with a max. of 130mm)
  2. (2) 3×1: Traysize 222×105 (variable depth with a max. of 130mm)
  3. 3×2: Traysize 105×102 (variable depth with a max. of 130mm)
  4. Round cups 93 (variable depth with a max. of 130mm)


Manufacturer: Multivac
Model: R145
Type: Thermoformer
Power Supply: 400/230 V
Power: 13 kW
Film width: 420 mm
Vacuum Pump: Busch CB 250/80 m3/h
Dimensions: L x W x H in mm: 6.500 x 1.200 x 2.100
Weight: 1.500 kg