Yang Olympus Vac semi-automatic traysealer



Yang Olympus Vac Traysealer

The Yang Olympus tray packing machine is a modified atmosphere tray packing machine that utilises a semi automatic rotary table. This rotary table in the tray packing machine enables trays to be loaded and removed while a cycle is under way. This results in tray packing machine being able to do a massive throughput of upto 6 cycles per minute – in real terms, with a 2 cavity mould this could be over 700 trays per hour, packed in a controlled atmosphere with the highest standards of presentation.

The tray packing machine is also extremely compact, requiring just over 1 metre square of floor space – ideal for a company that is short on space but requires a high output.

The Olympus tray packing machine also features an automatic film rewind system which save time and keeps the operation tidy.

Profile cutting is also standard on the Olympus tray packing machine which means the film will be cut neatly to the edges of the tray giving a fantastic presentation.

  • Build in Busch RA 0040 vacuum pump 40m3/h;
  • Mould 250×177 (variable depth)


Have a look at the video below for a quick overview