1996 Systemate D90 automatic Drum / Thigh Deboner



Systemate D90 Drum / Thigh Deboner

Systemate thigh deboner D90 debones thighs and drumsticks with optimum performance, delivering maximum profitability.

D90 thigh deboner is regarded as the industry benchmark for delivering highly efficient production of deboned thigh and drumstick meat. The system is characterized by its simplicity of operation and unsurpassed yield prior to and post trim.

One or two operator loads the thigh or drumstick into a the product holder which carries it through a sequence of deboning steps integrated into the carousel mechanism:

  • The product is positioned by the probe.
  • The thigh joint is pushed gently through the diaphragm, while the thigh meat, including kneecap remains on the product holder. The bone is released from the diaphragm.
  • The deboned thigh meat, with or without skin, is discharged on a separate location.

After deboning, the only remaining operations necessary are trimming and grading.

The D90 thigh deboner can mechanically debone anatomical thighs at a maximum capacity of 5.400 products per hour. The thighs are supplied to the stand alone machine by using e.g. a belt conveyor.

Year: 1996
Capacity: Up to 5.400 bph
Machinedimensions (LxWxH): 290x130x200 cm