2002 Handtmann VF50 Vacuum Filler



Handtmann VF50 Vacuum Filler

The Handtmann VF50 is a smaller sized vacuum portioning machine making it suitable for butchers, pet food producers, small goods producers and other smaller producers looking for a reliable and fast way to accurately portion product such as mince & sausage meat, cookie dough as well as being capable of handling a wide range of products.
Model: Handtmann VF50
Year: 2002
Filling capacity: 2,600 kg/h
Filling pressure up to 55 bar
Portioning and linking capacity: Portions              Capacity

25 g                        420 port./min.

50 g                        350 port./min.

100 g                      250 port./min.

200 g                      160 port./min.

Portioning range: 5 – 100 g
Hopper Capacity: 80 litres
Control system: Digital Monitor
Connected load: 6 kW