2003 Handtmann VF 620 vacuum filler



Handtmann VF620 vacuum filler

Perfect for medium-scale and industrial producers
The VF 620 vacuum filler is the all-rounder amongst the 600 generation industrial fillers. The precise product feed into the vane cell feed system provides key quality benefits such as solid product appearance and uniform distribution of all filling products.

Large range of applications
Whether it be automatic sausage production, forming, dosing or integrated grinding: the VF 620 is completely flexible in terms of all types of auxiliary devices, line solutions and applications.

Integrated weight compensation
First-class quality products, accurate to the gram – coupled with excellent production output. The weight compensation, integrated as standard, ensures further improvement in portioning accuracy.

Type: Handtmann VF 620
Year: 2003
Filling capacity: 6.000 kg/h
Filling pressure: 40 bar
Hopper volume: 200 litre meat trolley
Feed system: Pump rotor with 12 pumps vanes incl. integrated weight compensation
Portioning and linking capacity: 25 g-200 g / 220-700 portions/min
Portioning range: 5-200 g
Power: 400V / 8kW / 50Hz
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.400×1.400×2.250 mm
Machine Weight: 1.400 kg.