2003 Poly-Clip ICA 8700 Automatic clipper



Poly-Clip ICA 8700 Automatic clipper

The ICA 8700 is the ideal machine for large calibers and moulded products up to a caliber of 200 mm. Fibrous, collagen, and plastic casings can be processed. The ICA can be additionally equipped with a slack-fill device for moulded ham and similar products. The innovative and fast iris separator makes the ICA ideal for the production of large volumes like slicer products, moulded ham, even those made of whole muscles. When combined with a vacuum system, air-free stuffing is guaranteed also for large calibers.

The ICA is connected mechanically to filling machines – including ham pumps – and synchronized electrically. After the filler has discharged the portion, the patented iris separator power- fully encloses the casing and separates whole muscles without damage to the casing. The ICA is equipped with the tried-and-tested clip distance of 51 mm. The irisclipper’s PC control allows a very fast and accurate signal processing. The diagnosis system provides a direct and unambiguous indication of the operation status, as well as an analysis of the filling and clipping times at the SAFETY TOUCH. Soft- ware can be conveniently updated through the USB interface and operating data can be read via the WS-Food Standard‘s interface. A thorough process monitoring is guaranteed by the ICA’s high degree of automation. Deviations from the recipe parameters saved in SAFETY TOUCH are monitored. The operator is intuitively guided through the flat menu structure by means of self-explaining pictograms.

  • PRODUCER: Poly-Clip
  • MODEL: ICA 8700
  • TYPE: Automatic clipper
  • POWER: 2.8 kW
  • POWER SUPPLY: 200-240 VAC, 380-460 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • HEIGHT: 2.050 mm
  • WIDTH: 940 mm
  • LENGTH: 2.300 mm
  • WEIGHT: 850 kg
  • YEAR: 2003