2017 Valka Waterjet X-Ray Cutting Machine


Valka Waterjet Cutting Machine

The Valka Cutter automatically removes pin bones and cuts to the desired portions. The machine uses combination of an X-Ray and 3D image processing system together with robot controlled water jets to locate and cut pin bone and portions with great accuracy.

The system analyzes each fillet and cuts highly uniform portions in relation to size, weight and thickness according to your specification.

Multiple cutting patterns or programs can be defined and different size of fillets can be cut into different patterns.

Capacity & Yield

The machine belt speed can be up to 460 mm/sec. The throughput of the machine is calculated as a function of the weight of the whole fish. For a 3kg gutted Cod the machine capacity is about 2.000 kg per hour.

The pin bone cut-off in Cod is around 5-6% of the fillet size. The cutting proximity to the bones can be adjusted to cut closer and hence increase the yield and furthermore the expected yield will increase when cutting an angle is available.

Features & Benefits


  • X-Ray camera detecs bones down to 0.2mm in size
  • Automatically cuts out pin bone and to the desired portions
  • Precise cutting and uniform portions
  • Greatly improves product handling as all cuts are made in a single machine
  • Reduces the amount of labor needed for trimming
  • Increases yield by minimizing the bone off cut, typically the V-cut and belly bone
  • Increases the yield into higher value products, commonly by maximizing the size of the loins
  • Ensures bone free products
Manufacturer: Valka
Model: X-Ray Guided Cutting Machine
Year: 2017
Capacity: About 2.000 kg/hour (depending on function and weight of the whole fish)
Number of Cutting Heads: 4 heads
Pump: KMT Streamline SL-VI 100 / 60.000 psi / 100 hp
Number of X-Ray Camera’s: 1 Camera
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.490×1.565×2.310 mm
Machine Weight: 3.300 kg.