2021 Steen ST591 pinboner




ST591 manual pinboner.

Following information from the official steen website;

The STEEN ST591/K Pin-Bone remover is designed to remove bones continuously, including neck bones, in a flexible way with minimum waste and without gapping. The machine is very gentle to the fish and gives nice looking fillets.

The STEEN ST591/K has a proven reliability, it is very robust and popular amongst fish processors.

Improve your profitability:

  • Speed easily adjusted from the control box
  • No compressed air connections, nor compressor needed
  • Very easy to disassemble without use of any tools
  • Warm ergonomic handle, easy to use
  • Table or wall mounting

Year: 2021

Power Supply: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 90 W