2017 Baader 176 Flatfish filleting line


Complete Baader 176 Flatfish filleting line

This complete Flatfish filleting line is new bought in 2017 and is used for 1 year. This line consist of the following equipment:

  1. Baader 176 Flatfish filleting machine;
  2. Steen 600 Skinning machine;
  3. Baader 61 Grinding machine;
  4. Baader 62 Grinding machine;
  5. De-icing tank with hopper;
  6. Elevator conveyor belt;
  7. Waste conveyor belt;
  8. Trimming table (black side);
  9. Trimming table (white side);

Baader 176 Flatfish filleting machine

BAADER 176 processes a great number of different types of flatfish with a very high yield. From heading, gutting, filleting to tail cutting BAADER 176 operates computer controlled.  To ensure always optimal cuts it is necessary to have optimally sharpend knives. BAADER 62 Knife Sharpening Machine is specially designed for that purpose.

Brand: Baader
Type: 176
Year: 2017
Fish species: Plaice/Sole/Flounder/Halibut/And similar
Working range (approx.): 27-55 cm in total length
Troughput: Up to 65 fish/min.
Operator: 1 person
Water consumption: Abt. 10 l/min.
Power : 3,8 kW
Dimensions: 2.600×2.250×2.300 mm
Weight: 1.800 kg.

Steen ST600VR Skinning machine

The ST600VR skinner fin fringes remover is the most successful high yield skinning and frill removing machine on the market. Next to plaice, this machine can also be set to process other flatfish fillets. A fist skinning unit removes the skin from the fillet, while a second unit removes the fin fringes. The machine will handle the fillet very gentle because off the very fine setting and by applying nearly no pressure. By doing so, the highest yield possible is won at an unseen high speed. Most of the time, this machine is placed in-line after a filleting machine. A double or single lane model of this machine is available to fit your needs. The most suitable model for you will depend on the filleting machine that is used or on your desired end result.

This line is equipped with 1 Steen ST600VR Skinning machines.

Brand: Steen
Type: ST600VR
Year: 2017
Fish species: Plaice/Sole/Flounder/Halibut/And similar
Working width: 455 mm
Troughput: +/- 17 fish/min.
Operator: 1 person
Water consumption: Abt. 16 l/min.
Power : 2,75 kW
Dimensions: 1.949 x 746 x 1.180 mm
Weight: 302 kg.

Baader 61 Grinding machine

This machine is especially intended to sharpen the circular knives used in BAADER fish and meat processing machines. To meet the requirements in praxis, it is however laid out for a considerably extended size range. BAADER sharpening machines are an indispensable auxiliary since only sharp knives guarantee the exact and clean results required by the practician.

  • Working range
    All circular knives from 90–400mm Ø used in BAADER machines

Baader 62 Grinding machine

The lapping method used in this machine ensures an extremely gentle treatment of the material combined with the high efficiency of precisely sharpened knives that are completely free from any burrs. In order to obtain the required sharpness and accurate chamfers for the circular knives as a prerequisite for the quality of the products processed in BAADER machines, the BAADER 62 uses special high-grade materials. This makes the BAADER 62 an extremely compatible and safe machine.

  • Working range circular knives
    180–400 mm Ø (special equipment 90 –400mm Ø)