Niro-Tech RXZ-1000 Z-arm Mixer (New)



Niro-Tech RXZ-1000 Z-arm Mixer

The Niro-Tech mixer is a top-quality 1000 litre two-shaft tilt mixer equipped with Z-shafts. Mixing occurs by rotating both shafts at the same set speed inwards or outwards.
Mixer is equipped with a hydraulic unloading chamber, which is made by tilting the stuffing device directly into the stuffing trolley or other containers, allowing the mixing chamber to be
emptied easily and quickly. The “Z” mixer is designed for very intensive mixing of highly shredded dense and heavy meat stuffings e.g., in kebab production as well as bakery and confectionery masses.

• Column lifter for 200L trolleys

Brand: Nirotech
Model: RXZ-1000
Year: New
Total Capacity: 1.000 liter
Maximum Input: 750 liter
Installed Power: 18.5 kW
Rotations: Inverter
Supply Voltage: 3×400 V / 50Hz
Hydraulic Pump: 5.5 kW
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.940×1.160×1.870 mm
Machine Weight: 3.250 kg.